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Treatments and services:
  • corn and calluses (callouses)
  • in-grown toe nails
  • athlete's foot
  • sweaty feet
  • foot odour
  • dry & cracked heels
  • bunion
  • flat foot
  • heel pain
  • knee pain
  • orthotics
What is chiropody?
Foot care for children
Corn and calluses
Foot care / Simple rules
Diabetes foot care
Gait analysis / Orthotic insoles

CHIROPODY / PODIATRY is the field of medicine devoted to the treatment of problems related to the foot and ankle.

Such treatment often brings about improved well-being in other parts of the body, especially the relief of body aches and pain.

This is because problems and pain in the foot affect both posture and gait – the way we stand and the way we walk. And when we do not stand and walk in a proper, balanced manner, we tend to develop problems such as knee pain, back ache or even pain in the neck.

As such, chiropodists and podiatrists routinely work with other healthcare professionals who treat musculo-skeletal aches and pain, including osteopaths and chiropractors.

Foot and ankle problems commonly treated by chiropodists / podiatrists include:

  • corns and callouses (calluses)
  • in-grown toenails
  • plantar warts / verrucae
  • dry, cracked heel
  • foot fungal infection, also known as Athlete's foot
  • foot ulcers
  • bunions (Hallux valgus)
  • hammer toes
  • flat foot
  • weak arches
  • neuritis (inflammation of the nerves, resulting in pain, loss or reflexes and atrophy of the affected muscles)
  • foot imbalance
  • long / short leg
  • weak ankles
  • ankle sprains
  • bursitis
  • calcaneal tendonitis (inflammattion of the Achilles' tendon at the heel)
  • foot odour / excessive perspiration
  • diabetic foot

ROSALIE Q TIO is a UK state-registered chiropodist / podiatrist with a Diploma in Chiropody from the Scholl Institute, UK..

She also has a Certificate in Foot Biomechanics (the study of posture and walking) from the International College of Biomechanics, Melbourne, Australia. A chiropodist trained in biomechanics is able to provide biomechanic assessment to check for flat foot, heel pain, knee pain, bunions, and other problems.

The treatment is for people of all ages. In particular, diabetics may require professional chiropody foot care to prevent foot infection.

ROSALIE has her own practice, Nailtech & Chiropody Centre at Tanglin Shopping Centre and she also works with a group of osteopaths and other healthcare professionals at the Osteopathic Treatment Centre at Tanglin Shopping Centre.

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