What is Chiropody?

A chiropodist is someone trained in the treatment of minor foot disorders and who also provides general footcare advice.

A chiropody treatment includes cutting of the toenails, the removal of in-grown toenails, callouses and corns and treatment for foot ailments such as plantar warts (verrucae), athlete's foot, sweaty feet, foot odour and dry / cracked heels.

Padding and strapping are provided where necessary. The person receiving treatment may also be referred to a podiatrist for prescription orthotics, or in-sole foot support.

In addition, a chiropodist trained in biomechanics (the study of posture and walking) is able to provide biomechanic assessment to check for flat foot, heel pain, knee pain, bunions, and other problems.

The treatment is for people of all ages. In particular, diabetics may require professional chiropody foot care.

What is chiropody?
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